Things to Remember before starting a blog

Key Ingredient for Blog

Idea: There are many blog and website in the world, how  yours innovation is different from them , how you will make it unique. Have innovation in your ideas make out of the box that helps visitor and they enjoy reading it.

Theme: Decide your primary subject what you want to write about like a best topic "How to make a Blog".
So now you have a topic. Star writing on it 

How to Write : Keep it simple, write to the point , don't run round the bush write to the point. You can also use live examples like personal experiences. Try not to do Ctrl C or Ctrl V. Be original.

Design: Make your blog user friendly attractive pleasant. Try not to stuff thing in it give proper spacing that will give good user experience.

Marketing: There are millions of blog over the internet. To know about blog, one should Market blog with plenty sources.
this helps to improve site impression on Web.

Optimize(SEO): Optimizing blog is very useful this make sure to improve your ranking in Search Engines like Google   

Advertising: Everyone will like this point rite?. But i would recommend, keep this as a secondary option primary forces should always be write best content. But later on you can add ads monetize your blog.

Focus & Commitment : Write daily 1 Or 2 post stay forced and be honest to work this will give great boost your Blog.

Now you can start blogging this are some basic point to remember while starting to blog.The next post will be Advance posting on every topic
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