Transfer Blackberry Contacts to android

There are ton's of methods over web to transfer contacts but some of them are complicated or incomplete . After hours of effort i was able to come up with my own easy solution. Its easy and also works flawless.
Key Needs 
1) Microsoft Outlook 
2) Gmail Account(Click me for more information) 
3) Blackberry Desktop Manager  v5.1(BDM)(Download)


1) Start MS Outlook

2) Start BDM select Synchronize 

3) Select Synchronize config

4) Connect and Select your Blackberry Phone 

5) Select Address Book

6)  Select Microsoft Outlook

7) Select Two way sync 

8) Done select next till your finish 

9) Your MS should be running, Now to Sync menu and click

  Done you have successfully transferred contact to outlook

Second Phase 

1) Now go in outlook Contact

2) Select all contacts then  Right Click on it select Send As Business Card

3) Mail your contacts to your Mail address

4) Open your Gmail via browser and open mail now you have to download all attachment  

5) There would be attachment file in zip format unzip the file and place the folder in your memory card of phone.

6) In Your mobile contact select options choose Import Contacts

7) Select Memory Card or Internal storage where ever your stored

8) Select phone Contacts

 9) Its will search your contacts 

 10)  Finally done select all contacts it will be in your contacts list in your android phone 

Tested on Xperia P, Samsung Note S2 works for all android phone 
Please if your commenting address the step number as well

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