The new way of chat it WeChat

WeChat is a awesome mobile IM app which allow us to chat with anyone anywhere around the globe for free of cost. This is pretty cool, it has media support and a one of a kind feature voice message like walky Talky i always wanted this feature in my phone that too i got it  for FREE. The WeChat Group works like butter as when we get our projects we prefer making a WeChat Group adding all the group members for discussions, query, updates, points to cover, sending images and figures is manged by WeChat groups. The reasons we use WeChat Groups , it reduces the complexity calling every group member's, it increases  transparency as all the work has been assign in group so every group members knows what the have to do and also whats the individual group member is up to ,even any one forgets any data can easily go in chat and get it. Wechat can be used in any field to do work better. But the best part is its Free

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